When trying to create a new wardrobe a lot of people often never know where to start, this will then lead to throwing out or selling the clothes they currently own in order to spend hundreds on starting over and inventing their wardrobe and themselves.

i know this because i have done the same thing myself, there have been lots of times i have decided on a new style i want to try out and of course none of my old clothes suited what i was going for.

but before i get to buying anything lets start off with whats in your wardrobe right now. You may be thinking that it’s a necessity to throw everything in your room out to start a new wardrobe but that’s not true, however that doesn’t mean everything has to stay. The clothes you might want to get rid of are the ones that are way past their expiration dates and by this i mean the clothing thats ripped, stain, stretched and faded to the point that it should never be worn again and there are ways of checking if your favourite pieces are on their way out.

when wearing your t-shirts check the neck and ensure it sits well against the skin and doesn’t sag down towards your torso this is a sign that the neck of the tee has become stretched, before putting on that old pair of jeans that you’ve had for months check between the legs and the crotch area for any discolouration and signs of rubbing if there is this is a clear sign that your jeans are on their way to getting a tear and it might be a good idea to get a new pair soon.

Now for the pieces you should be keeping. These include your jackets, shirts, shoes and accessories. jackets are a staple in anyones wardrobe no matter how old or out of trend they are right now they will most likely come back into trend at some point and this is seen through the trending jackets such as bombers, vintage, Borg and denim jackets which rarely go out of style and are essential to anyones wardrobe.

shirts are also must have items, every student should have both checked and plain shirts to choose from, checked shirts are great for casual wear and can be worn with everything (yeah even joggers) and there are so many variations of colours and patterns that there is a way of incorporating a checked shirt into any outfit, plain shirts are also a must for more formal occasions or if you just want to look a bit more smart in the club.

Certain kinds of shoes will also be a good idea to keep for your wardrobe as well, these include boots, smart shoes and trainers. Obviously do not keep any shoes with holes in the bottom or that are so dirty they’ve been permanently stained with mud or whatever else you’ve been walking in. however even though they might be beat up those boats you have lying in your wardrobe could be a perfect addition to a new outfit you’ll be putting together in the future.

Last but not least we have the accessories, we’re talking about the whole stash of hats, jewellery, belts and watches you have lying about, many men feel like they can’t wear jewellary and a lot of students feel like they cant either, but this is untrue, if you have any accessories lying about make sure to start incorporating them into an outfit because you wont believe the difference it can make.


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